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These vessels are meant to suggest scrap paper collages that have folded and wrapped themselves into inviting and useful shapes. These pots reflect the intimacy and the comfort of my handmade journal and sketchbook.  


I start by brushing layers of colored slip directly on to a flat clay slab. I layer on more slip and underglaze transfers that I make by screen printing underglaze or drawing with a slip trailer on plain newsprint. Then I screen print more underglaze patterns directly on the clay on top of all the transfers. The patterns are revealed as I peel away the newsprint and the color results sometimes aren’t revealed until the glaze firing, but that’s what keeps things interesting. The decorated slabs are draped and collaged over molds to get the basic shape and then I slab build all the rest. Slip and score is my life!


I try to work quickly because these pots dry out fast. The forms are simple so as to contrast the busy surface and also to suggest immediate use. After bisque firing, I paint brightly colored glazes here and there. Most of my work is soda fired as I love the added layer of mystery the soda gives the clay surface.

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